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Registration will be open the 27th July.
Changes in the type of registration/cancelation policy:
If properly justified, changes in the registration type (e.g. from on-site attendance to remote) reported before the 16th October 2022 will be done at no cost. Changes made afterwards will not be reimbursed.

For cancelations made before the 16th October a charge of 40% will be made. Cancelations made after the 16th October will not be reimbursed.


The conference fees are

Late registration
PhD students


Late registration

Please, note that early bird registration will be open until 16th September at 23:59.

Remote attendance

Early bird prices and zero-cost registration fees for PhD students has expired.

We are happy to announce that 15 students have now been granted with a fee waiver thanks to INMS project.

The fee covers the full 5-day conference including:

- Access to all keynotes, roundtables, and the regular and special sessions
- 2 coffee/snack breaks each day
- Lunch each day (including picnic lunch on the day of excursion)
- Excursions on 26th October, check here
- Workshop materials
- Welcome cocktails and the gala dinner

Please, note that early bird registration will be open until 16th September at 23:59.

After this date the rates will be late registration:
- 740€ for Standard
- 500€ for Students.

The registration will be open after the evaluation of the submitted abstracts 
There is no reduced fee for attending only part of the N workshop.

The full-week meeting takes an integrated approach to multiple aspects through relevant activities and sessions at different scales. Integration is paramount for us and the meeting is conceived and organized to be attended in its entirety.

Five excursions

26th October

Five excursions have been designed to immerse attendees in some of the most characteristic agro-food systems nearby the Madrid region as well as some research initiatives related to reactive N monitoring and emission abatement. All excursions except Excursion 5 have both a scientific and a cultural side.

Participants are asked to choose the most preferred and a second option in case in case the first option was already full.

Excursion 1
50 participants max.

Nitrogen flows in cropping systems and riparian buffers in the Henares watershed.

Nitrogen flows in cropping systems and riparian buffers in the Henares watershed. Visit to the National Centre of Irrigation where the research COAPA team (UPM) is carrying out their field experiments on GHG and reactive N quantification using different technologies, in the most relevant crops of the region. After this first stop, participants will visit the “Center of Phyto-genetic resources and sustainable agriculture” (INIA-CSIC). The visit will finish with a cultural guided visit to Alcalá de Henares, the city where Miguel de Cervantes was born.

Excursion 2
50 participants max.

Boosting circular economy through N management.

The visit will start with a visit to the “Migas Calientes” composting facilities where most of the plant residues of the city are composted. Then, participants will be taken to “La Chimenea” field station (IMIDRA) where the research groups COAPA and AgSystems (UPM) is running some of their experiments in both permanent and herbaceous crops. The visit will finish with a cultural visit to the Palace of Aranjuez and gardens, the country residence of Spanish royal families.

Excursion 3
30 participants max.

Livestock systems and feeding strategies.

Participants will visit a pig research intensive farm run by PigChamp in the Segovia Province (Aguilafuente). Attendees will enter the experimental facilities to see some of the feeding technologies that are being tested to increase the sustainability of these confined livestock systems. After the visit to the farm, there will be a guided visit to the UNESCO cultural heritage city of Segovia.

Excursion 4
30 participants max.

Biotechnology and N fixation.

Participants will visit CBGP (INI-CSIC/UPM), one of the top research centers on biotechnology in Europe. In addition to a guided visit at the Center, participants will hear two talks on the work carried out to increase the capacity of fixing N by cereals (a project funded, among others, by Gates Foundation). After this visit, attendees will be taken to Prado Museum in the city, to enjoy a guided visit to one of the most amazing art museums of the world.

Excursion 5
30 participants max.

A break from N.

Excursion number 5 is the only one designed with no scientific side. This excursion will take participants across “Madrid de los Austrias”, one of the oldest areas of the city. Then, participants will enjoy a guided visit to Reina Sofía Museum and Art Center, one of the most famous Contemporary Art Museums worldwide, where, among other masterpieces, Guernica (by Pablo Picasso) is exhibited.

Want more information?

Feel free to text us for more information and we will get in touch as soon as possible.
We are doing our best to host the N Workshop in Madrid in fall 2022 and we really wish this will be a scientific event where again we could meet in person and discuss about N science.
Confirmed dates 24th - 28th October 2022, Madrid

The Organizing Committee aims to minimize the environmental impacts of the workshop and both N and C footprints will be calculated afterwards.

We encourage an "in-person" attendance but facilitating a remote connection to key activities during the workshop. Seeing how volatile are these times, all scenarios should be considered now, even a new delay if the sanitary situation does not allow a minimum in-person attendance.

AgrosceNa-UP Project. Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities

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