Special Issues in Scientific Journals associated with the XXI International N Workshop

These Special Issues are already open and ready for submission. Please contact the guest editors before submitting a contribution. One or two additional Special Issues could be launched very soon.

DEADLINE 15th July 2023

Reducing nitrogen waste through crop and livestock reconnection

Agricultural Systems
Guest Editors
Luis Lassaletta, Alberto Sanz-Cobeña, Lin Ma, Sheri Spiegal, Corentin Pinsard, Pytrik Reidsma

The guest editors are calling for original contributions dealing with different dimensions of crop-livestock reconnection as a strategy to reduce N waste. They will consider studies dealing with strategies to 1) reduce feed imports, thus relocating feed production, 2) improve local and regional optimal allocation of manure, and 3) improve NUE system efficiency through better crop and livestock spatial planning. All the contributions should include an evaluation of the contribution of any change to N waste reduction.

DEADLINE 31st March 2023

Nutrients and carbon recycling: benefits from the stakeholders’ perspective

Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems
Guest Editors
Maria Cruz García-González & Raúl Moral

Guest editors welcome reviews, research papers, and modelling studies that examine the circularity of nitrogen and carbon in agro-food-waste systems through waste valorization and generation of bio-based fertilizers.

DEADLINE 5th May 2023

Halving N Waste: Quantification and Abatement of Reactive N Losses to the Atmosphere in Cropping Systems

Guest Editors
Guillermo Guardia, Maria Alonso, Zhaohai Bai 

Guest editors are calling for cutting-edge research to share the current knowledge about measurements of direct or indirect gaseous N losses (N2O, NH3, NOx) and quantification of the mitigation potential of management practices to be implemented in cropping systems.

Additional Special Issues on the N topic edited by conference attendees:

Frontiers in Plant Science on the topic

Nitrogen Use Efficiency Plant Biology to Crop Improvement.

See the following link for more details and use the submission button.

Frontiers in Plant Science on the topic

Plant Nutrient Use Efficiency in the Era of Climate Change

Deadline of 31 January 2022. Check at the following link.

Frontiers in Plant Science on the topic

Roles of Nitrogen in Plant Adaptation to Nutrient Deficiency and Ionic Stress.

The deadline is 15 Feb 2023. Check at the following link

Sustainability has issued a call for papers on Nitrogen

Sustainable Production for More Food and Less Waste

15 March 2023 as the deadline. Check at the link
We are doing our best to host the N Workshop in Madrid in fall 2022 and we really wish this will be a scientific event where again we could meet in person and discuss about N science.
Confirmed dates 24th - 28th October 2022, Madrid

The Organizing Committee aims to minimize the environmental impacts of the workshop and both N and C footprints will be calculated afterwards.

We encourage an "in-person" attendance but facilitating a remote connection to key activities during the workshop. Seeing how volatile are these times, all scenarios should be considered now, even a new delay if the sanitary situation does not allow a minimum in-person attendance.

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